Cleaning Ring

Product Summary

The cleaning ring is an accessory designed to meet the critical demands of cleaning and maintenance in process lines. Available in versions with one or two cleaning holes, these rings offer an effective solution for removing process deposits, especially those that accumulate on the diaphragm, ensuring the integrity of measurements and preventing possible damage.

Applications: The cleaning ring finds its use in various applications, including diaphragm seal systems with flanged connections and diaphragms with process-facing or "wafer" cell design. Its main applications include cleaning process lines to prevent the formation of residue deposits or obstructions, removing process residues from diaphragms, and performing calibrations after process separation.

Special Features:
  • Variety of Special Materials: Available in a wide range of special materials to meet the specific needs of each application.
  • Standardized Nominal Diameters and Cleaning Connections: Offers standardized nominal diameters and cleaning connections, ensuring compatibility with existing systems.
  • Cleaning Holes with Plug-type Screws: Cleaning holes can be designed with plug-type screws for easy access during maintenance.
  • Cleaning Ring with Valves: Versions with valves allow extending diaphragm seal systems so that maintenance can be performed without the need to remove them.

The cleaning ring is a crucial component for the integrity and continuous performance of process lines. Its ability to facilitate effective cleaning, maintenance, and calibration makes it indispensable in industrial applications, ensuring precise and reliable measurements. Choosing the cleaning ring is an investment in the quality and reliability of your industrial processes.

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